Our Services.

Smoking Cessation
Smokers everywhere have surrendered to the lie that they need cigarettes. We’ll show you how you can lead a smoke-free lifestyle effortlessly.


Weight Loss
Thousands of people have used the IHTC Method of hypnosis to shed excess painful body fat.


Lifestyle choices are sometimes rooted in challenges that people face in their day-to-day lives. We help you to unlock your own potential and face the day being self-assured.


Stress Reduction
Everyone faces stress. No one lives without it. How someone handles the stress determines their overall health and happiness. We show you how to manage it all and put it in its proper place.


Pain Management
We have custom programs to help people who have pain and other discomforts feel better naturally.


Sleep Improvement
Whether you are having trouble sleeping, or find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, hypnosis is a great natural sleep aid.


Fear Control
Release yourself using the natural state of hypnosis. Cameron has helped people get over their fears of flying, driving, and life changes. Whether you have trouble speaking in public, or insects making you squeamish, you can turn to The First Step for help.


Habit Change
We all have them. Some we like – and some we’d like to leave behind. Do you swear too much? Are you embarrassed by your inability to keep from picking at your skin? From nail biting to hair pulling and teeth grinding, our custom programs for people who have finally decided that it’s time to stop.


Interpersonal Relationships
Parenting can be strenuous. Relationships can be fragile. Whether family, friends or lovers, sometimes insecurities can build up and stand in our way. Move the way you think and act into a more positive direction and feel your bond getting stronger.


Sports Performance
Golfers, hockey players, equestrians and even dancers have all used hypnosis to get themselves “in the zone”.


Academic Enhancement
Students can take full advantage of their brain power to improve concentration and boost their test scores. Training your mind can help you reach your goals.


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